Tyler Holman ‘19, Marina Belloli ‘19, and Megan Ferguson ‘19: The Romeo Varsity Competitive Cheer season sadly came to an end after the 2019 Regional meet. The Bulldogs placed eighth out of twelve at the regional meet against some very hard competition. With new head coach Mrs. Rienas, the Bulldogs excelled in their first season under new leadership reaching the Regional round for the first time in nine years.  The team got to regionals after placing top three in the District playoffs.

The Bulldogs started off the year rocky with breaking 600 in their scoring, but came back hard and broke 750 fulfilling an amazing feat. The Bulldogs won four meets and placed top three in seven. This amazing record gave them first place in the MAC White. After this great year, the Bulldogs finished ranked 17th in the state.

The Bulldogs lose five great seniors that occupy a big part of the team including Sydney Harrison ‘19, Amanda Todaro ‘19, Payton Miller ‘19, Belinda Ramaj ‘19, and Michaela Hein ‘19.

With passion and determination the cheer team ends their season with some great accomplishments throughout the season. Romeo cheer sends off their own senior cheerleaders to a new chapter of their lives. With the sadness that the end of the season brings, Romeo’s senior cheerleaders leave excitement for next year’s program continue to grow into a successful and well-bonded team.

Nervous for the season, Ramaj made many memorable moments throughout her first time cheering.

“I got to meet new people and have a fun successful season,” Ramaj said.

Showing improvement in many aspects throughout the season, the passion each athlete holds for the team and the sport remains unchanged.

“I am so proud of my team and so excited to see the program grow in the future,” Hein, first year varsity cheerleader, said. “It’s really sad though because I won’t be able to cheer again. It was an icing on the cake for my last year.”

Along with new teammates, the 2019 season came with lots of improvements and team bonding, including the aforementioned new coaching staff.

“This was my first year cheering. It was really cool and one of the most memorable things I have done all in high school,” Todaro said. “[The coaches] were really good and got us to where we need to be and pushed us exactly how we needed them to. It’s really sad it’s my whole life of sports is coming to an end and the program is rising and now I can’t be part of that anymore.”

Four-year varsity cheerleader, Miller remains bittersweet about her final season ending.

“This was definitely the best year of cheerleading because of our new coaches and we finally had a good season. The coaching staff brought a positive atmosphere and pushed us to our full potential,” Miller said. “It’s really weird and kinda sad because there isn’t a next year.”

Finishing the season with many memories, the seniors prepare to move onto bigger and better things.

“The coaches were a huge part of our improvement this year is see this program growing more and more every season from now on,” Harrison said. “Being an alumni is scary and sad and I want the best for this program and they now have it.”

The next season holds excitement for the new improvements and growth. With all the achievements earned this year, the cheer team looks forward to what next year holds for them.

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