Sarah Spuz ‘17- It’s the night before Christmas, and young children aim to get at least a wink of sleep. They are wide awake, wondering about the thrilling day ahead. They can’t wait for that mouth watering ham that their mom prepares every year, awaiting the arrival of Christmas morning to see if Santa brought everything on their lists.

Tossing and turning, they manage to eventually fall asleep.The next morning at the crack of dawn, kids bolt into the living room. A great deal of presents under the tree flood their vision.

But, the thought that some people don’t wake up to this picture perfect scenario never crossed their minds.

Generally, the holiday season stirs up feelings of joy, but not all people get to experience the warm, fuzzy feelings of holiday cheer. For some, the Christmas season is a time of stress and guilt because some families don’t have the money to afford gifts or even food for a christmas dinner.

Many people only think about their wants during this season. But, what about the people who actually need the stuff we already have?

“I feel lucky to get gifts on Christmas,”  Michelle Powell’ 19 said. “I never experienced not getting gifts.”

Thankfully, a large amount of people have a very giving spirit, and love giving to others during the holiday season.

“My Family and I give my sister who goes to Amanda Moore gloves and hats,” Miya McCullough ‘18 said. “At her school, they have a hat and glove tree and we ask her to put them on the tree so they can be donated to people who need them.”

Throughout the area, multiple places offer the option of donating toys, cans, hats, gloves, etc. First State bank in Washington Township, participates in the Toys for Tots program. This program, gives the community the opportunity to buy a toy for a child who’s parents can’t afford to buy their children christmas gifts.

“The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters,” said Diane Hendricks, the founder of the program, on a statement on

Even donating your free time at a local soup kitchen or giving old clothes away helps individuals or families who are unable to afford to buy warm clothes and other necessities. The holiday season is all about giving. We need to give to the less fortunate to make sure everyone gets a merry Christmas.


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