Taylor Mueller ‘16 – Working and saving money is very common among high school students. Many first set money aside for college savings and next, for a car. You’d never expect to see all of your hard work taken away by a single purchase, but for Micah Sabat ‘12, that was the case.

Sabat worked, saving up to buy his own car for the past three years. Working multiple jobs dog sitting, shoveling snow for neighbors, cutting lawns, and at McDonalds, he spent his free time working towards his goal. After reaching the goal of $4,000, he found a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer on Craigslist. Little did he know that he would be purchasing this car from a criminal.

Sabat met up with the supposed owner of the SUV in Redford. After examining his license, title number, and VIN, he payed for the car. Excited to finally have his own vehicle, Sabat went to the Secretary of State. That’s when he found out that his hard work, time, and money had been wasted, and the car he worked towards for years turned out to be stolen property.

“To me it’s really upsetting that someone would do this to a student,” Sabat said. “I’m sharing my story with hopes that people will be more careful when buying a car.”

After returning the car to police, it was given back to it’s original owner. Not only is he left robbed of his savings, Sabat is left with the feeling of disappointment and shock. The dream of rewarding himself for all of his hard work was destroyed. However, you can help him get a head start towards his next car by donating to the link below.


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