Macy Manchester ‘18: As the school year comes to a close, seniors begin to finalize their decisions about which college they want to attend in the fall. Based off of the campus, student body, and potential majors, students pick the school they feel fits them best. Five Romeo High School seniors are looking forward to college for multiple reasons:


Saginaw Valley State University–Amanda Hall ‘17

“I am most excited to meet new people and have a fresh new start at school,” Hall said. “ I chose it for nursing and it’s smaller so it’s more hands on for learning!”


Wayne State–Kellie Sinicki ‘17

“I chose Wayne because it’s close to home, but I can still go away for college,” Sinicki said. “Probably what i’m most excited for is that Detroit and midtown is really improving and there’s always something going on like concerts or sports games or other events.”


Hope College- Tia Santi ‘17

“I like the small community feel similar to Romeo’s. They have a good dance program that I am planning on pursuing,” Santi said. “I’m most excited to experience dance at a collegiate level, meet new people and experience new places.”


Michigan State- Frank Ruffino ‘17

“Both my parents, my uncle, and my sister have gone to State. My whole life I knew I wanted to go,” Ruffino said. “I’m most excited to be living with my friends and having to take care of myself.”


Lawrence Tech- Joel Smith ‘17

“I was not sure at first about where I was going to go. I was looking at a bunch of different schools. I visited Lawrence for the first time last spring and it was amazing! The lacrosse team took me in as one of them and at first I was not sure if engineering was what I wanted to major in. I did research on the college and what they had to offer, visited a couple more times, practiced with the team. Then the coach pulled me aside knowing I was not sure on where I was going to college and told me that ‘if you want something bad enough no one can hold you back besides yourself,’” Smith said.  “I’m not leaving for a couple months but the fact that I could go and get a college level experience in a sport that I have played for most of my life…. It’s a priceless moment that I will cherish forever.”


Congratulations to the Class of 2017 at Romeo High School and good luck to the upcoming junior class as they begin the process of choosing the right college for their future.

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