Elizabeta Lulati ‘19: As the college application deadlines begin creeping up, seniors begin to prepare for their futures. Seniors doing a lot of work beforehand in order to prepare. For example, finding top college choices, getting teacher recommendations, and emailing coaches for scholarships, a task that most seniors accomplish. The graduating class of 2019 seems divided into two sides; the people who’ve applied during early admissions, and the others who plan on applying later.

Patrick Miller ‘19 not trying to stress out, prepares by asking teachers to write recommendations.

“I haven’t applied to colleges, that might be because I’ve been procrastinating,” Miller said. “I have to focus on homework going on and I just started my college essay. My friends and family have also been making me feel less stressed trying to take my mind off of things.”

Sebastian Botezan ‘19 happens to fall under the “get to it later” category. Even though he’s doing a little bit of a different plan than everyone else, he focuses on building a better GPA before applying to any big universities.

“I think it is important for my plan to go to Macomb Community College and work on bringing up my GPA so that later I will be able to transfer to my top two colleges, Michigan State or Wayne State University, soon I will register to Macomb Community College, fall semester,” Botezan said.

Meanwhile, Sabrina Schkreli ‘19 wanted to get it done and out of the way before school started to prevent stressing out prior to deadlines

“I tried getting it done in the summer which I did and I finished parchment and FAFSA early,” Schkreli said. “I didn’t want to stress out about it with all the school work I’d get on top of that. I’m always busy so I’m glad I got it taken care of.”

Sophie Kort ‘19 getting ahead of the game wanted a higher chance of getting into the top college choices listed.

“I finished it really early as soon as admissions opened, I wasn’t too stressed out. I had my mom, and a teacher revise my essay so it could be done best to my ability,” Kort said. “I am so happy I got done with it as soon as possible.”

Applying to college early means having higher acceptance chances. However, there’s a process to applying such as, sending in transcripts, filling out the parchment account, writing the perfect essay, and filling the application out itself. But with the help of parents, teachers, and counselors making the process becomes a lot less stressful.

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