Taylor Demeere ‘19: Every year, seniors struggle to decide what college they should pursue. Michigan State University. Saginaw Valley State University. Wayne State University. Western Michigan University. Oakland University. Central Michigan University. Grand Valley State University. The choices are endless and every school has different opportunities for what a student’s future might hold.

Romeo alumna, Trinity Horne ‘17, struggled herself when deciding where she was going to spend the next chapter of her life. One of the factors that helped in making her decision was Grand Valley State University’s campus. She called it a perfect match for her personality.

“It is so pretty and the perfect size,” Horne said. “Since it isn’t too big, you get to meet so many people and see them frequently.”

Athletics also played a huge part in Horne’s decision. Horne is on the Grand Valley all-girls cheer team. She quickly realized that balancing cheer and her classes is not as bad as everyone makes it seem.

“It is super easy to get involved in a program you’re interested in,” Horne said. “I balance cheer and class pretty easily. I have practice two to three times a week and not until night. Since it is such a close team, everyone is willing to help you in the class if they’ve already taken it.”

Horne is majoring in nursing, and things are running smoothly for her so far, yet there is a copious amount of studying and dedication involved.

“Nursing schools are super competitive anywhere you go, but my major is going very well,” Horne said. “I love all my classes even though I have a massive amount of studying in each class.”

If someone is looking to further their education, or is undetermined on where to do so, Grand Valley is a great choice for students who want to get away, and are hesitant about attending a school with a big campus.

High school goes by quicker than many realize, and while some have their futures planned out, others are worried about future schooling. For seniors, college is right around the corner, and Horne offers valuable advice about seniors last year.

“My advice for senior year is to enjoy your last year with classmates, it goes way faster than you think,” Horne said. “Attend every event that you can because one day, you won’t be able to. Try and step out of your comfort zone and try something new, it’s never too late.”

Horne also reflects on what factors should not influence college decisions.

“Don’t pick a school based on where your friends are going,” Horne said. “College is a big decision and you will make friends everywhere.”

College is arguably one of the biggest decisions a student will make. students are preparing, writing, and applying everywhere they can. Enjoy high school moments while you can, but still think about what your future holds.

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