Megan Bieganski ‘18 & Morgan Mueller ‘18: As Michigan State University’s first semester comes to a close, 2016 Romeo graduate, Taylor Mueller shares her decisions and experiences as a freshman.     

“I chose State because when I visited in the Summer, I kind of felt it was where I belonged,” Mueller said. “In the last couple months when making my decision I went back and forth between State and Loyola University Chicago, but in the end chose State because I have the rest of my life to move to the city, and it was a much better scenario financially.”

As you can imagine, East Lansing is a little different than Romeo. Although contrasting her home town, Mueller claims E.L. the perfect fit for her and has helped her open up to new friendships and opportunities.

“My favorite things about State are there are so many people,” Mueller said. “I love that it’s such a big school because I’m never bored and I never feel ‘trapped on campus.’ It’s also so beautiful and there are so many opportunities for different majors, clubs, etc. I love going to a Big 10 school and seeing new people every single day.”

After being involved in so much in high school, Newspaper, Yearbook, and Student Council, Mueller needed to find something to occupy her time and help her make friends, and rushing to a sorority seemed like the perfect way to do so.

“I rushed a sorority because I really thought it was the easiest way to meet people and I’m so happy I did,” Mueller said. “There are so many negative stereotypes about sororities in general but throughout my experience so far and the house I’m in I have learned that no matter where you are, when you get over 150 girls in one group together, you will have all different types of people. I have already met a lot of friends I probably would not have met otherwise and I’m really grateful for that.”

Frantically trying to figure out which school they will attend, seniors at RHS struggle with the idea of decisions being permanent. However, Mueller’s situation proves that nothing is set in stone after high school graduation.

“In the course of 1 semester I’ve already changed my major twice so to seniors who have no clue what they want to do, don’t freak out yet!” Mueller said. “I will probably change it two more times. I started out as a journalism major, then got my heart set on applying to the business school, and recently changed it again to packaging. There is still so much time and deciding what you want to major in is a huge decision, and don’t settle on something unless you are excited about it. If you aren’t passionate about it now, you definitely won’t be 20 to 40 years from now.”

Choosing State proved to be the right decision for Mueller and she is excited to see what the future holds.

“I couldn’t be happier about my decision; now that I’m here I really couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else,” Mueller said.

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