Leanna Harris ’18: As Seniors approach their freshman year of college, some need guidance when deciding which college would be best for them. Romeo Alumna, Haley Fraeyman, can offer some help. Fraeyman urges Seniors to choose Oakland University.

“OU is a growing school and that’s such a cool thing to be a part of,” Fraeyman said. “And because Grizz is super cute.

Going through the process of picking a college, Fraeyman had two colleges she was considering, Oakland University and University of Michigan. After completing her first year of college, she is pleased with her decision. She chose to stay on campus rather than at home and also joined the university’s dance team.

“I think Oakland is a really good fit for me,” Fraeyman said. “I’m glad I decided to live on campus because it gives me more of a college experience while still being close enough to go home whenever I want. The dance team is a huge step up from high school dance team, I’m way more involved in the entire game day experience and it make me even more excited to be a part of Oakland.”

Finding exactly where you fit in, what you want to major in, whether you will stay at home or in a dorm, how heavy of a workload you are willing to take on and meeting new people, college will always present pros and cons.  

“The biggest pros of college are the freedom and all the new people I have met here,” Fraeyman said. “I’ve made some of my best friends at school. However, college causes a lot of stress. Having harder classes, work, dance team, and a social life. I did it in high school, but everything requires more time now so it’s harder. I’ve had to find balance and really figure out how to say no to things that don’t benefit me.”

If you are thinking about attending Oakland University, finding your niche can be difficult. Fraeyman offers advice that helped her immediately feel welcomed on campus.

“My biggest advice to incoming freshman is to get involved in something on campus,” Fraeyman said. “Whether it be greek life, sports, a club, or even just a really good group of friends. Being on the dance team and being a part of athletics has introduced me to some of the best, most hard working, inspirational people.”

Fraeyman knew before entering Oakland University that she wanted to major in Elementary Education. Her freshman year consisted of mostly gen eds, only three of the twelve classes she has taken have been specific to her major. Fraeyman took an intro class and said that it solidified her thinking that she wanted to be an Elementary Teacher. Fraeyman is very excited for the winter semester, for she is having her first classroom placement. She will be in a classroom for a whole semester, observing a teacher and even teaching a few lessons of her own.

So seniors, if you are torn on which college fits you best, consider Oakland. You’ll be close to home, part of a growing school, and meet new friends you’ll have for a lifetime.

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