Liliana Venditti ‘17 – Michigan yields excruciatingly cold winters, and it turns out that Romeo High School is using the same thermostat as mother nature. Cold classrooms help to keep students active and alert. However, Romeo is reaching the point of frostbite if students attend school in short sleeve t-shirts.

“The school is so cold that in class, my legs and body start to ache if I am just sitting at my desk,” Gabby Smith ‘17 said.

The cold is becoming a distraction. Rooms filled with the sound of chattering teeth, students cannot possibly listen to instructors and directions. At first the undeniable cold conditions, seen as a joke, now has students starting to get beyond annoyed with the bone-chilling temperatures.

“I’m  wearing two separate coats today just to stay warm,” Blake Blaisdell ‘17 said.

It is clear that room temperatures become a problem when students have to double up on clothing just to keep from freezing to their desks. This is not only one student’s view either, walking down the halls on a typical day it becomes obvious how bitterly cold the building is, students wearing long bunched up socks under their boots, scarfs, and with multiple layering.

“I think this is ridiculous and the temperature needs to be controlled,” Taylor Mueller ‘16 said.

Even with the complaints, the facade of thermostats throughout the building continue to be invisible, never working well enough for anyone to acknowledge the illusions sitting on the walls of the school and classrooms. With the air conditioner kicking as the days get colder, the school is sure to be chillier than the North Pole.


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