Lackowski ‘24: When it comes to mystery, Mrs. White definitely takes the cake. Mrs. White seems to hide some skeletons in the closet and keeps her secrets. Olivia Welch ‘23 gets to play this mysterious character in this year’s play, Clue. 

In the play, Welch delivers her lines very well and adds to the whole mystery part of the show. Mrs. White keeps a serious face most of the time and it just shows how Welch keeps her cool. “I like the character I’m playing. The reactions are really fun to make up,” Welch said. 

In the show, Mrs. White says a lot of questionable yet funny lines. Welch delivers them perfectly and adds some of her own touch to them. When Mrs. White explodes with emotion, Welch makes the best reactions that fit the scene and she definitely deserves the role of Mrs. White.

Welch memorized all her lines and prepared for the show and it shows how much she works for her part. “I think that it’s a fun show and people should come see it because it’s a really pretty set and it’s enjoyable,” Welch said. 

Make sure to go and buy tickets to see the wonderful show and to take a look at Welch’s acting for Mrs. White!

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