Lackowski ‘24: The smart and confident character always makes the favorite list. This year Logan Wenz ‘22 plays Professor Plum, the cool and collective man, in the upcoming play Clue. He fits the role perfectly and for sure shines on stage. 

Wenz really loves his role as Plum and he plans to show the best of him on stage. ”I think he’s pretty sweet. Professor Plum is pretty confident and smart for the most part and I like playing characters like him because it’s close to what I am. He might be a bit much sometimes but I love him,” Wenz said.

Wenz looks forward to showing his Professor Plum on stage. Along with this, he builds up his excitement for his senior year with friends because last year COVID-19 shut down a lot. He and the other actors spent a lot of time together rehearsing and planning out scenes and became good friends.

Wenz’s familiarity with theater became more knowledgeable when he joined the show. “It’s been really fun for my first time doing anything like this and it’s not exactly what I expected. but I’m enjoying it and it has a lot of great people,” Wenz said.

Starting this Thursday, showtime comes and you for sure want to go. Keep an eye out for the smart Professor Plum and see how he shines on stage with his great skills.

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