Lackowski ‘24: Every show needs a hysterical, churchgoing character to make the audience laugh. In the upcoming play Clue, Olivia Enciso ‘23 gets to play this crazy character named Mrs. Peacock.

Enciso worked very hard for her role, playing Mrs. Peacock in a very fitting way. From her comedic accent all the way to her dramatic reactions, she definitely makes a great character. ”I love her. I think I’m a bit like her but just not on the same scale,” Enciso said.

After school, Enciso and the other actors work hard to learn the show. To learn a whole show’s worth of lines takes dedication, but in her amazing ways she pushes through and learns them all. She definitely uses all her skills when playing Mrs. Peacock.

She possesses a ton of talent when it comes to acting and she definitely adds to the comedic part of the show. “I’m very excited especially because it’s the first real show we did in a while and it’s very funny and people are gonna love it,” Enciso said.

Along with the production of Clue, Enciso looks forward to a more normal year and less COVID-19 related things. School plays back in production definitely prove to her some normalcy this school year.

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