Lackowski ‘24: Theater leads take a lot of work to gain. With Mason Pickard ‘24, taking the spot of Mr. Green in Romeo Theater Company’s upcoming play, Clue. When he plays his role, he definitely shows all of Mr. Green’s personality traits.

Pickard shows his character’s reactions with his face and actions, he definitely makes a good actor and really plays Mr. Green well. “I think he’s kinda cool. He’s definitely a fun and dynamic character. I like how he evolves through the play and how he changes from one scene to the next,” Pickard said.

Pickard definitely figured out his character inside and out. Along with that, he and the other cast members practice and rehearse their lines for the show every day after school. He shows his acting skills through each line he reads and shows his dedication to make the best out of his character.

In the past, Pickard undertook some theater, so he knows his way around the stage. “I think it’s a great play with a great set of characters. The show has made great progress so far. And I like the development that each character has through the whole show,” Pickard said.

With the play creeping up, Pickard prepares for his scenes. He looks forward to the play and getting to act in it. Along with the play, he looks forward to his debate class this year and wants to achieve good test scores. Pickards’ very well rounded personality makes him perfect for acting. Don’t miss his performance as Mr. Green in the shows on Thursday through Friday.

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