Lackowski ‘24: Acting requires a lot of imagination, especially when it comes to character choices. William Gilbert ‘22 got cast for Colonel Mustard in the play Clue. He definitely thought about his character choice and brilliantly shows his personality on stage.

Gilbert makes a great Mustard and definitely knows how to play him. “I think that Colonel Mustard is a great character to play. He is both brave and a coward, dumb and funny, and has a fun accent. He doesn’t steal the show but instead makes it better,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert shows his acting skills very well, especially when he shows his incredible accent he uses for Mustard. He also makes great reactions to the other characters. He really fits the role as Colonel Mustard and makes it known. 

Gilbert’s good personality makes for a great actor with his dedication to his role. “As a new actor, I think that we have a wonderful opportunity and a one of a kind cast. Even though behind the scenes it’s quite hectic, it’s been an outstanding opportunity, and an excellent chance to connect with old and new friends,” Gilbert said. 

Clue’s actors this year make the show great. Seeing Gilbert act makes all the time spent worth it. Make sure to get your tickets for the show on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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