Sarah Fuzi ‘17 – Attending school everyday is no problem for most people, and many students in Romeo still go to school with friends they’ve known since elementary school. But for those coming from out of state or a different school district, RHS is a new place with few familiar faces.

Some have a hard time making friends, but a new club has been created to help new students.

“I started in this club because I was completely new to this school, I came from a different state,” Emma Hawley ‘19 said. “I really wanted this club and being able to have other people to come too.”

The New Kids Club is a group of Romeo students whose mission is to help students who are new to the district get to know others and make friends quickly.

“I first came here, not knowing anyone from another state,” Thomas Puckett ‘19 said. “I might as well try to help other people.”

The club assists students, helping people find a friend to go to football games with, eat lunch with, or simply hang out with. Supporting students going through rough patches while moving here to Romeo is what the club does best.

“We wanted to do it, because we were new once,” Daniel Akers ‘19 said. “I went to Powell and it took me two months in order to make friends. I just feel bad when I see someone by themselves and the club would be nice, because it is here to help.”

If you are interested in this club as someone who just moved here or as someone willing to help out, the next meeting is on Thursday, May 12th. You can go to room 305 after school at 2:30.

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