Sarah Fuzi ‘17 – Students Enriching Romeo through Volunteer Experience (S.E.R.V.E). Students from our school go out and enrich Romeo by participating in community service and other volunteer projects. This helps them gain experience through providing people in our community with a warm, helping hand.

Students who join SERVE enjoy the different experiences. They connect with many different students and community members throughout the community.

“S.E.R.V.E to me is being a helping hand to someone in need and sacrificing your time to improve the satisfaction of others,” Scott Perry ‘16 said.

This club performs many different tasks that many students see around school and in town. One of their more recognized projects, setting up the giant tree and shining decorations at RHS, helps bring in the Christmas spirit. The students also fundraise money for a charities.

“One of my favorite events that I have hosted was serving food to the Seniors at RETC,” Scott Perry ‘16 said. “It was mostly because I was about to wear a suit and I felt really fancy.”

Being involved in S.E.R.V.E presents opportunities for students to help in a significant way, and be rewarded for their hard work. Members can receive credits towards graduation, but it takes a lot of work. However, not all students joined S.E.R.V.E only for the extra credits, some joined solely for helping others. S.E.R.V.E stands out, and it is out for a good cause. It is a good pair of helping hands that go out to benefit our community.

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