Sarah Fuzi ‘17 – A chess club has recently been added at RHS, exciting many students and staff.

Unlike other clubs, chess is a game of wits and slightest of hand. Carefully planting pieces in specific spots in order to obtain your opponent’s king. All of the pieces composes of a single king and queen, two bishops, two knights, two castles, and eight pawns. The game is set up as a real war in which each piece is of equal value and necessary during battle. When the king is captured, and checkmate is called the game is over.

“I like how it is very tactical and I enjoy the strategy,” David Semaan ‘18 said.  

The idea originated when Mr. Anderson was approached by two sophomore students about starting their own chess club. They had a similar club in middle school and desired to continue on playing throughout high school. Mr. Anderson welcomed the idea, enjoying chess himself, and brought several chess boards for students to learn how to play and to test their strategy.
Chess Club is a new and fascinating addition to RHS. If you like to play chess and would be interested in getting involved, the club meets every Tuesday after school in room 609, Mr. Anderson’s room.

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