Megan Ferguson ‘19: From spreading awareness for school events to fundraising for prom, being the president of your class is a big deal. After running and being voted in through Student Council, Emily Snay ‘20, Peyton Engstrom ‘19, and Matthew Hutnick ‘18, all took on the task of leading and uniting their classes.

Taking on all the obligations, Emily Snay became the sophomore class president.

“I have a little more responsibility,” Snay said. “Basically to be apart of the school a little more instead of just being apart of just the volleyball team.”

One responsibility that comes with being class president includes fundraising for events including the senior all night party and prom.

“Right now, we are doing pizza kit fundraisers and trying to sell t-shirts for our class,” Snay said. “Next, we’re doing a fundraiser at Art and Jakes. There’s more to come after that.”

Taking an initiative to get more people connected and aware of events happening, Snay started a Romeo Student Council Snapchat.

“I started a Romeo Student Council Snapchat so if there is a spirit week, or charity week, I can snap and show spirit,” Snay said.

Overall, Snay is excited for what her future as class president holds and is thrilled to help the class of 2020 raise money for their senior events as well.

Taking on the responsibilities for the class of 2019, Peyton Engstrom is already preparing for senior year.

“Right now I’m getting a lot of sponsors for prom since it’s junior year,” Engstrom ‘19 said. “I’m doing powderbuff right now, so hopefully that makes a lot of money. I’m also doing an Amazon link, where you go through Amazon and buy something through that link, and then some of the money goes to that foundation, which is our class. I’m thinking of doing a drive in movie too. I’ve sold t-shirts, which I’m planning on making new ones for senior year to do more selling. I’m still figuring out more stuff to do.”

Along with fundraising, Engstrom is also tasked with promoting events hosted by the class of 2019.

“I have a lot to do with fundraising and getting more people to have school spirit, getting more people to come to events, and trying to get our class more united than split, so we are more of a family,” Engstrom said.

Excited for senior year, Engstrom is already ahead of the game, making immense strides in fundraising and sponsors for the class of 2019.

Tasked with making prom great, raising money, and uniting the senior class, Matthew Hutnick is not only meeting the expectations, but soaring past them. Starting fundraising freshmen year, Hutnick raised enough money for all seniors to attend the all night party for free.

“We started freshman year with pizza kits and cookie dough stuff,” Hutnick ‘18 said. “Over the summer we did a big fundraiser, we partnered in a golf outing with the funeral home in town and Venture Global Engineering. We’ve raised $40,000 for our class.”

Looking forward to planning prom, Hutnick is ecstatic that he was able to raise a great deal of money for the class of 2018.

Emily Snay ‘20, Peyton Engstrom ‘19, and Matthew Hutnick ‘18, all took on the task of leading their classes. With every task and hurdle thrown their way, each president has been successful in gaining funds for prom and the senior all night party.

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