Claire Spitz ‘20 and Giovanna Ruffino ‘19: As the students flood the auditorium, the band erupts in cheerful music welcoming them. The freshman scramble around, looking for their friends and a place to sit down. As the ceremony begins, a hush falls over the crowd.

Mrs. Arendts, the principal of the 9th Grade Academy, welcomes them into high school, and reassurthem in the first steps of their high school journey. After a few moments, she welcomes the new superintendent of Romeo Community Schools, Mr. Robinson.

Walking onto the stage, he comforts the freshman with a warm smile, introducing himself to them personally. He dives into a speech, recapping Friday’s festivities. Each team in the Freshman Academy faced off in a head to head competition, featuring fun games for the students and teachers alike. The event helped them kick off their school year in a lighthearted way, while helping the freshman form a bond with their peers. Moving onto his next point, Mr. Robinson introduced the teams: Expedition, Discovery and Quest. As the students hear their team names, it becomes a cheering competition, each section trying to show the most spirit for their group.

Leaving on an exciting note, Mr. Robinson exits the stage, and Mr. Osebold, the Principal of Romeo High School, takes his place.

Nervous excitement fills the air as the 9th graders know the next step about to take place next: the pledge to graduate. Mr. Osebold begins to recite the promise of the Class of 2022 to finish high school strong.

Row by row, each student gets up to sign the banner, committing themselves to dedicate their strongest efforts toward a successful four years of high school. Joy fills the stage as the freshman and their peers think about their upcoming journey.

“Signing the banner made me excited to graduate, and motivates me to try harder in high school,” Ashley Meyers ‘22 said.

As the event wraps up, the freshman get a chance to look back on their exciting first week of high school.

“The competitions between teams have been really fun. I’m in expedition and we are in the lead right now! I can’t wait for the rest of the school year,” Vincent Ruffino ‘22 said.

The beginning days of high school for these freshman have paved the way for years to come for the new academies, continuing to make this school year memorable for everyone involved.

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