Jenna Knepper ‘21: Ben Devins ‘19, Christian Jaraczewski ‘19, Kyle Knepper ‘19, and Trevor Flynn ‘19 love playing music. Messing around in a garage every week, this hobby quickly turned into something bigger.

After playing a few gigs and creating a name, Kickback moves on to bigger things. What started as a fun pass time now becomes a school fundraiser to help with expenses for the upcoming senior all nighter.

“We practice a lot to make sure we can give a good performance for the fundraiser. Hopefully people will be able to come,” said Devins.

“The fundraiser is at Danny J’s on April 27th around 7:00 pm,” said band member, Jaraczewski.

These seniors turned their talents into a way to help out the school. Excitement rises as the fundraiser gets closer.

“The fee for students is ten dollars and it is twenty for adults,” said Flynn.

Devins, plays the bass guitar while simultaneously leading the vocals of the band. The drummer, Knepper, and the two electric guitarists, Jaraczewski and Flynn, also add a very important aspect to Kickback.

“It’s going to be sweet so come out and see us play if you can,” said Knepper.

Invite your friends and family to come support the band as well as the school. With help from Kickback and many others, a successful senior all night party takes place in the coming months.

Remember to bring ten dollars for students and twenty for adults on Saturday, April 27. For those who wish to attend the fundraiser, come out to Danny J’s Brick Tavern at 7759 Auburn Rd in Utica.  Kickback portrays the idea of turning your passions into something bigger to help out the community.


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