Kayla Kieleszewski ‘18: Between hours of studying and homework, along with balancing a social life, extracurriculars, and jobs, high schoolers have to learn to deal with pressure. The pressure of getting into colleges, the pressure of deciding on a future career, and the pressure of maintaining an outstanding GPA. However, through years of dedication and determination, unique this year, eleven students are able to academically come out on top.

#1: Devon Doyle represents the Valedictorian for the Class of 2018. Doyle reached a GPA of 4.124 in his four years. Doyle is a member of National Honors Society and MST, along with the position as lead programmer of the Byting Bulldogs Robotics team. Doyle refuses to forget the time he spent in Cedar Point with his physics class. Doyle, undecided on college, considers UCLA or University of Michigan as options to pursue a double major of Computer Science and Business/Marketing.

#2: Audrey Weingartz, Salutatorian for the class of 2018, arrives at the end with a GPA of 4.096. Weingartz participates in National Honors Society, Ski Club, captain of varsity Cross Country team, varsity Track and Field, MST program, German Club, and also serves as a volunteer at Crittenton Hospital. As Weingartz prepares to leave behind her high school years, she reminisces back when all of the four cross country teams took first in the Macomb County Cross Country meet making this her favorite memory. Weingartz looks forward to continuing her education at the University of Michigan where she plans to major in Nursing due to her passion for helping others. Weingartz can’t wait to see where this new chapter takes her.

#3: Hayley Angeli finishes high school as number three in her class, maintaining a GPA of 4.087. Some of Angeli’s extracurriculars include studio dance, treasurer of National Honors Society, and assisting dance classes. One memory Angeli will keep with her after high school, her trip to Cedar Point with her physics class. In the fall, Angeli decides to attend Oakland University while majoring in either Pharmaceutical or another type of Health Science since she really enjoys the study of science. Angeli is extremely excited to begin college and see what her future holds.

#4: Kami Ziolkowski tops off at number four this year, earning a 4.086 GPA. While in high school, Ziolkowski has been a member of dance and National Honors Society. Something that sticks with Ziolkowski, the amount of fun she had with her friends during her most memorable moment: the potluck lunch prior to Christmas break. Ziolkowski decides to carry on with her education at the University of Michigan, where she plans to major in Mathematics, a topic she always been interested in. Ziolkowski eagerly awaits this fall.

#5: Jillian Bernotaitis accomplishes senior year at number five in her class. Bernotaitis retained a GPA of 4.078. Bernotaitis is involved in multiple extracurriculars such as Key Club, M.I.T.E.S. Club, both National Honors Society and National Technical Honors Society, along with art classes through Amy Foster’s Design Studio. A time Bernotiatis will never forget from high school, the victory of Romeo’s football team in the state championship game at Ford Field, it was by far her favorite experience. Bernotaitis is attending Oakland University, and aims to major in Mechanical Engineering. The expectations for Bernotaitis’ future are high.

#6: Tyler Fabian sits comfortably in the number six spot, attaining a GPA of 4.064. Some activities Fabian enjoys consists of: snowboarding, golfing, playing tennis and mountain biking, in addition to an IT internship. Over the past four years, one thing Fabian will fail to forget, the launching of his class’ trebuchets in physics. Following the summer, Fabian will be enrolled at Michigan Technological University where he plans to major in Aerospace Engineering due to his strong interest with rockets.

#7: Mariah Zeweke, placing seventh in her class, worked hard for a 4.062 GPA. Zeweke, captain of the varsity Dance team, hurdle runner on varsity Track and Field team, member of National Honors Society, along with being a student enrolled in the MST program, learned many valuable lessons from these extracurriculars. One experience Zeweke won’t forget would be: going to nationals with her dance team and hitting their performances, along with having a great time at Disney together. After high school, Zeweke looks to attend the University of Michigan to pursue a career in Environmental Engineering based on her sharp math and science skills in order to make the Earth a healthy place. Zeweke is ready for her fresh start at U of M.

#8: Kathryn Pioch arrives at a rank of number eight for the 2018 school year. Pioch kept up a grade point average of 4.058. Pioch’s extracurriculars include captain of girls varsity Cross Country team, varsity Track, MST program, National Honors Society, National Technical Honors Society, church youth group, plus, a Sunday school teacher. Pioch’s favorite memory from high school, being that she is an avid runner would be the Cross Country camp the team takes every summer. Come fall, Pioch intends to receive an education at Michigan Technological University. There, Pioch plans to major in Mechanical Engineering. Pioch is excited for the opportunities that lie ahead.

#9: Grace Konnie positions herself in the ninth spot, excelling with a GPA of 4.041. Konnie is a proud member of National Honors Society along with varsity Tennis. Konnie, also part of the Spanish course at RHS, truly enjoyed traveling to the Detroit Institute of Arts with her Spanish class. Based upon Konnie’s desire to be a teacher and her fascination with physics, Konnie must decide between an Education or an Astrophysics major at Oakland University. Konnie patiently waits to witness the great freedoms Oakland University offers her.

This year, two students tied for the tenth place with a GPA of 4.030, Andrew Goodrich and Kayla Siemen.

#10: Andrew Goodrich secures his spot in tenth this year. Goodrich takes part in varsity Cross Country, varsity Track and Field, also, along with an organization “Shoes for Soldiers,” which provides veterans with basic needs. As a dedicated athlete, Goodrich’s favorite high school memory was winning cross country regionals his last season. In the fall, Goodrich plans to attend University of Michigan, however, is still undecided on his course of study. Goodrich hopes to find clarity in his major.

#10: Kayla Siemen stands at number ten in her class. Siemen actively participates in the Romeo Varsity Dance Team, tutoring students and hiking. One adventure from high school Siemen will cherish for years to come is the trip her dance team took to Florida in order to compete in Nationals, and then make it to semifinals. After high school, Siemen plans to attend Michigan State University, and choosing a major of Environmental Engineering due to her love for the outdoors, along with strong desires to protect the environment. Siemen patiently waits for the new experiences she intends to have at Michigan State.

We congratulate our Top Eleven students and wish the best for their future education and careers.

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