Macy Manchester ‘18: Some say senior year is all about fun. Seniors final homecoming, pep assemblies, and powder puff game. Their first prom, senior all night party, and graduation. However, none of these activities take place without the hard work and fundraising put into these events. With help from the student body, the Class of 2018 raised a record amount of money for senior activities. The overall amount raised by students equaled out to be $20,000.

Venture Global Engineering, a company located around the Detroit area, agreed to help the Class of 2018. They agreed to match the $20,000 if students helped them sell advertisement stands to companies at a golf outing and raffle tickets for a suite at a Detroit Tigers game.

Students successfully completed this task and Venture Global selflessly donated an extra $20,000 to the Class of 2018 funds, bringing the classes total to $40,000.

The class of 2018’s senior all night party is now free for all students, when it would normally be around $75 per student.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 and all of their hard work paying off.

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