Madison VonHiltmayer ‘18 & Kayla Kieleszewski ‘18: Between hours of studying and homework, along with balancing a social life, extracurriculars, and jobs, high schoolers have to learn to deal pressure. The pressure of getting into colleges, the pressure of deciding on a future career, and the pressure of maintaining a high GPA. However, through years of dedication and determination, ten students are able to (academically) come out on top each year.

#1: Kellie Sinicki, valedictorian for the class of 2017, has put in countless hours of hard work into her studies. Sinicki illustrates how a little bit of hard work can go a long way; she has managed to maintain a GPA of 4.108. However, Sinicki has also managed to succeed in her extracurriculars: she is the secretary for NHS and plays varsity basketball for the school. Her favorite high school memory is going to the DIA with her spanish class. Next fall, she will be attending Wayne State University and plans to go into nursing with a minor in spanish.

#2: Hannah Merriman is honored as the Salutatorian of the class of 2017. Merriman topped off at number two in her class with a 4.078 GPA. As a softball player, and a member of NHS and ski club, Merriman demonstrates that it is possible to enjoy activities outside of school. Her favorite high school memory also happens to be taking a trip to the DIA with her AP spanish class. Like Sinicki, Merriman also plans on attending Wayne State University in the fall to study earth sciences.

#3: Cole Lackowski

#4: Brandon Page stands at number four in his class with a 4.053 GPA. Page has been successful not only in school, but outside of school as well. Page has participated in diving (3 Time State Qualifier, 2 Time All American Consideration), MSU-COM (Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine), Future Docs, qualified for states in HOSA, and works clinical hours at McLaren Macomb ER. Page’s favorite high school experience would either be watching The Incredibles out in the hall when he was asked to leave his 10th grade english class or placing 3rd at HOSA for EMT and advancing to states. Attending Wayne State University in the fall, Page plans on majoring in biochemistry or biomedicals physics and moving on towards Pre-med.

#5: Ashleigh Motoligin, with a 4.035 GPA, takes the number five spot of the senior class. Motoligin is an active member in NHS and student council, she also teaches catechism at her church each week. Motoligin claims that her favorite high school memory would be during charity week her junior year, she was in charge of Miracle Minute and at one of the basketball games they collected two $100 bills, which was truly amazing in her eyes. Motoligin remains undecided on where she wants to attend college, but is considering Michigan State University, University of Michigan, or University of Wisconsin. No matter what school she chooses, Motoligin plans to major in either animal science or biology and eventually enter into a veterinary medicine program.

#6: Daniel Jones finishes off high school at number six in his class. Jones kept up a 4.032 GPA throughout his high school career and has yet to decide which university or college that will lead him to. Reminiscing his high school experiences, Jones’ most memorable was attending the various trips he took with his youth group. With extracurriculars, Jones is a very busy student, he is involved in Boys Varsity Tennis, STATIC, his youth group DELTA, and lastly NHS. A student like this must contribute an abundant amount of hours, hard work, and dedication. Once a school of choice is determined, Jones plans on majoring in Chemical Engineering.

This year three students tied for the seventh spot in their class. Chase Arendts, Danielle Berry, and Ariana Troia all have a GPA of 4.031.

#7:Chase Arendts has not only accomplished being in the top ten of his class, but an editor in chief for Rnews, along with winning a state championship on the Romeo Varsity football team. Arendts also participates in track and is a member of NHS. However, his favorite high school experience would definitely be holding that state championship trophy his junior year. Arendts is still undecided on which school he plans on attending next fall, but is considering either Central, Oklahoma, or Florida State University. As for his future career, he plans on becoming something in the medical field.

#8: Danielle Berry has clearly maintained a good work ethic throughout high school as number seven in her class. Berry managed a 4.031 GPA during her career as a high school student. In the fall, Berry is attending Michigan State University and will plan on studying Biomedical Engineering. Berry’s favorite high school memory was attending the 2015 Football State Championship game. Along with that, Berry has had a consistent goal of becoming a student of the top ten and can now say she has successfully done so. Berry is also an active member of NHS, Student Council, and Link Crew. Berry is looking forward to the bright future she has ahead.

#9: The number nine spot in the top ten goes to the all deserving Ariana Troia. Troia accomplished high school with a solid GPA of 4.031. With her devoted state of mind, Troia will be attending Michigan State University. There she plans on obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Integrative Biology/Zoology and will continue to strive for a degree in Veterinary Medicine or a PhD in Animal Behavior. Troia most definitely has her mind made up on her future decisions ahead. In high school, Troia’s favorite memory is going to the sporting events Romeo has to offer and being a part of the energetic student section. Troia is also a member of NHS, Varsity Bowling, a tutor, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

#10: Last, but most certainly not least, Shayla Hinkley tops out at number ten. Hinkley achieved a stellar GPA of 4.024 and that will take her to a future at Grand Valley State University. At GVSU, Hinkley plans to study Biomedical Sciences to become a Radiologist, or a professional that examines x-rays. Hinkley has actively been a part of Romeo for all four years. She is the Executive Board Vice President of Student Council, a member of NHS, part of SERVE freshman and sophomore year, Yearbook Sports Editor, played Varsity Softball sophomore year and also is a second degree black belt in karate. For Hinkley, deciding one favorite memory out of the four years is too difficult but really just sees her whole high school experience as an energetic time to mature.

Becoming one of the top ten students of your class is no easy task. Extreme dedication, time, and effort must be contributed to obtain such a valuable title. These ten exemplar students have proven themselves in the past four years of their lives and now behold bright futures ahead.

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