Josh Bilski ‘16 – Clash of Clans, a simple phone game to some, a way of life to others. The sudden resurgence of possibly the most popular phone game of all time has Romeo High School busy upgrading cannons and attacking enemies.

“I started the clash movement,” Brad Tanner ‘16 said, “I take all credit for the bring up, everyone laughed at me when i started, but look at me now.”

Clash of Clans is a game in which you create and manage your own village. Collecting trophies is the main point of the game, allowing you to move up in the world rankings. Trophies are earned when your defense manages to send off enemy attackers, or when troops are used offensively to successfully destroy an enemy player’s village.

As important as your individual base is, the game is called Clash of Clans. The clan is composed of either random players from the internet, or friends who share the same destructive enjoyment. Literally, the clans of Romeo have clashed, fighting for the label as best clan in the school.

“I want our clan to take over the school,” Paul Hurley ‘16 said. “Were just a bunch of kids trying to make it to the top.”

Fortunately for the players, Clash is not blocked by the stingy Romeo Guest WiFi, and recently the Clash world has expanded to the chromebook. This allows the truly committed clashers to continue improving their base without killing their phones battery.

“I do not sleep anymore, I stay up all hours of the night,” Brandon Thomas ‘15 said “When I do sleep, I have nightmares of getting three stared. No matter how much money you make, its never enough to fuel the craving.”

The Clash of Clans addiction is spreading by the day throughout Romeo High School. Not only are the students taking on the clash world, but multiple teachers have also allowed this time-consuming game to make an impact on their life.

“Yes, I play Clash of Clans,” Mr. Anderson said. “But I don’t let it take over. I understand that life is more important than the game, my kids, my family, they’re really what matter.”

The widespread phenomenon continues to run rampant through the halls and classrooms of Romeo High School. This recent outbreak looks to prove pivotal in the learning environment of the students and teachers at Romeo.

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