BrookeLynn Tremblay ‘17 – Christopher Garver, a head that peeks out above the crowds, a voice hard to miss, is a student that is well-recognized and loved, but has a story many people have yet to hear. From moving all over the United States, to being the voice of Romeo, offering a friendly smile to everyone he meets, and making the best of every situation, Garver is a friend to all.

Q: “Where have you lived?”

A: “Louisiana, South Carolina, Kansas, New York, Georgia, Maryland, and finally Michigan.”


Q: What was it like constantly moving?”

A: “It was a little crazy, but I feel that it gave me an interesting perspective.”


Q: Were you nervous moving to Romeo and knowing it was permanent?”

A: “It was scary at first, but it was something I’ve been through before.”


Q: “How has moving changed you personally?”

A: “It has definitely made me more extroverted, that’s for sure.”


Q: “Any advice to new students?”

A: “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and get to know everyone! You are bound to meet cool people.”


Q: How has theatre impacted your social experience at Romeo and you personally?”

A: “My theatre experience has opened me up to an excellent group of people to work with. I am happy to be a part of it.”


Q: “Do you plan on doing something with acting later in life?”

A: “I’d definitely be interested in doing something involving voiceover work.”


Q: “How did you get chosen to do announcements this year?”

A: “During Grease I got to know Riley Murdock, the old announcer. He and I got along and he knew I had an interest in voice-over work. Eventually he asked me if I wanted to take over after he left and naturally I said, ‘Absolutely’. It has really helped prepare me for voiceover work; it’s taught me to annunciate and read more clearly.”


Q: Best pun?”

A: “I hate to break it to you, but I’ve made so many puns, each one pretty forgettable, that I honestly can’t remember any.”

There are many things we can all learn from Garver, things that are important in maintaining a positive lifestyle. Do what makes you happy, and make sure to smile every single day, because if there is one thing we all know about him is that he knows how to brighten a room, and make everyone’s day a little more. . .CJ.

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