Mackenzie Easlick ‘17 – Fall is in full swing and as the weather dips below seventy, Romeo’s most popular seasonal attractions open their doors for business. Cider mills, a trademark of fall, surround town in every direction, drawing thousands of visitors to the Romeo area each year.

A question begs to be askedare cider mills even worth the hassle they cause for residents of the area?

“I’m not a huge fan of cider mills, I think you can buy apples and cider and donuts at different places for much less money and much faster,” Davion Cameron ‘17 said.

Prices tend to run higher at cider mills, but family bonding, happy childhood memories, and fun are all included. These experiences are labeled priceless, but money is a factor in any family outing. It can be rough for people to wait in long lines only to find they’re spending more money than they had originally planned, especially if they had only wanted a donut and a bag of apples.  

Visiting a local cider mill, although expensive, can be a great way to spend time with friends and loved ones. Strolling through trees and picking the apples that look the sweetest. Cider mills create memories meant to last throughout the ages. Families grow closer as they spend time together in a corn maze, or crawling through haystacks.

“I think cider mills don’t get enough credit,” Ambyr Mclean ‘17 said. “Going to the cider mill is just like a family experience, you go there to be with friends and family and enjoy yourself and have fun. It’s a cool hangout during the fall.”
Even with the cons related to cider mills, it’s plain to see that the hustle and bustle pays off. Traffic just goes to show that people in the area acknowledge the sentimental value of them. Regardless of higher prices or long lines, cider mills get taken for granted, and really are worth the hassle.

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