Elizabeta Lulati ‘19:  As the holidays start approaching, malls become chaotic, and people spend more money. Many students tend to constantly search to find the right gifts for friends, spouses and family. Most people struggle with the task of buying things for their friends and family. Planning beforehand becomes the key to successful Christmas shopping, jotting down lists of items to buy friends and families and calculate the total price.

Some students like to save the money they amassed during the year, while others go all out, spending hundreds of dollars on gifts.

Some like Bella Ames ‘21, favor gift giving for the people she loves.

“It depends who I’m buying gifts for, when it comes to my group of friends we all make a deal to stay within a certain budget range,” Ames ‘21 said. “However, when it comes to my parents I will buy whatever I feel they will like without thinking too much about the price but keeping in mind how much money I have on me.”

On the other hand, students like Suzie Bal ‘19 seem all for spending.

“As much as I’d love to stay in my budget, unfortunately I do not have a job. So in order to go shopping, I will be taking my fathers card,” Bal said. “I have my limitations to using the card, but once I start shopping I can’t stop, so I definitely will be needing supervision as always.”

Spending money, specifically during the holiday season, gives off different kinds of anxieties, depending on the individual.

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