Cambell Geibel ‘21: On October 26, 2018 the television series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, premiered on Netflix. This thrilling series, based off the stories written in the Archie Comics, stars Kiernan Shipka as the main character, Sabrina Spellman, shows her struggle to find balance between living as a normal teenager and a witch.

Born to a human mother and a warlock father who later die in a tragic “accident”, Sabrina lives with her two witch aunts and one warlock cousin who try to guide her through a difficult time in her life. As she turns 16, Sabrina finds herself forced to make a decision between living as a human or a witch for the rest of her life. Having a human boyfriend and bestfriends that she refuses to leave, but also enduring pressure from the witching world about becoming a full witch, Sabrina finds this decision impossible. This series follows Sabrina as she fights to keep both the mortal and witch world within her grasp.

This show entertains its audience through a variety of different film elements. The acting, storyline, and character development, all executed perfectly. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina sets new standards for what a well developed show looks like. The non-stop excitement leaves viewers on the edge of their seat wanting more. The addicting series undeniably classifies as a binge-worthy show. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina refreshes avid Netflix watchers and gives them an eery and interesting new show.

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