Sarah Spuz ‘17:

Monday: Buffalo Wild Wings held a Fundraiser for Romeo’s Charity Week.

Tuesday: Girls varsity basketball team played Dakota High School. The team lost to the Dakota Cougars 41-35.

Wednesday: The boys varsity basketball team played Henry Ford II High School. Romeo beat Ford 70-56.

Thursday: Mr. Bulldog was held in the Romeo High School auditorium. A total of 12 contestants participated. Davion Cameron ‘17, Louis Thom ’17, Kyle Finos ’17, Steven Prokuda ‘17, and John Verellen ’18 made it into the top 5. Davion Cameron was crowned Mr. Bulldog.

Friday: A pep assembly was held during the last two hours of the school day. Romeo High School raised $18,000 raised for the MCREST charity. Bringing relief to the less fortunate, MCREST is known for traveling around to many facilities in Macomb, like churches, and providing housing and food to the homeless.

Saturday: The Charity Week dance took place in the Romeo High School main gym.

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