Taylor Mueller ‘16 – In January 2014, an estimated 49,933 U.S. war veterans lived in the streets of the country they fought for according to the U.S. Department of Federal Affairs. Struggling to survive the harsh conditions of winter and summer under freeway bridges, in alleyways and abandoned buildings is a disgusting way to welcome home the men and women who risk their lives to better our nation. With the help of organizations and federal resources the number of homeless veterans has dropped 33% (and counting) since 2010 according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

This year RHS has decided to sponsor Piquette Square, a home that provides proper shelter and care for homeless veterans in Detroit, for our annual Charity Week. Piquette Square houses hundreds of veterans, offering mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, on-site job training, computer labs, educational programs and activities to help the veterans develop healthy and independent living skills.

“We chose Piquette Square for this year’s Charity Week because the members of student council were very passionate about the people who served, and it’s different from the other causes we’ve helped in the past,” counselors Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Fountain said. “Their organization is relatively new, and local to us in the metro detroit area.”

Charity Week will kick off this Friday, January 30th, when the varsity boys basketball team takes on Utica Eisenhower. Admission to the game will be free for any veteran or current serviceman or woman, and there will be a raffle and 50/50 held during the game. Tickets for Homecoming 2.0 ($10) and Charity Week Shirts ($15) will go on sale January 29th through the end of the week during all lunches.

Activities for February 2-7 are as follows:

Monday, Feb 2: Military Wear, Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser Night

Tuesday, Feb 3: Spiffy Tuesday, Volleyball Tournament

Wednesday, Feb 4: Sportswear, Mr. Bulldog @7 p.m. (Tickets $5)

Thursday, Feb 5: Red, White, & Blue, Dodgeball Tournament

Friday, Feb 6: Charity T-Shirts, Pep Rally

Saturday, Feb 7: Homecoming 2.0 Dance 7-10 p.m.

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