Khadeejah Ahmed – News Editor

Romeo High School’s Charity week is officially underway, and as in years past, Romeo’s student body is committed toward raising funds for a good cause. This year, Student Council elected to support Rainbow Connection, an enhancement program that offers children suffering from illnesses the opportunity to live out their dreams.

“Our program is truly special because we are able to grant Michigan children, with life threatening illnesses, wishes. We give them something to look forward to when they are going through the most difficult time in their lives,” Maureen O’Reilly, Rainbow Connection Events Coordinator said.

Mackenzie Schmidt, Student Council President, brought the idea of supporting the program to her peers.

“I took some time reading through Rainbow Connections purpose and many of the wishes they grant. These kids live in Michigan, they are our age, and are terminally ill. I think the least we can do is raise enough money to grant them their wishes,”

The Rainbow Connection grants children one of three kinds of wishes; to meet someone, to wish for something, or to travel to their dream destination. In collaboration with the program, Romeo plans to contribute the funds needed to grant two children, Natalie and Jamir, from Rainbow Connection their wishes. Natalie, an eighteen year old at Rainbow Connection, wishes to attend a showing of the ABC Network show, Dancing With the Stars. Jamir, a three year old boy battling a blood disorder,  dreams of going to Disney World to meet Mickey Mouse and Pluto.

“We hope to raise at least $9,000 to make Natalie and Jamir’s wishes come true. I am overwhelmed by the hard working spirit demonstrated by our students and community. Once again our students are showing that they have a passion for helping others and that they care very much about the world around them. I love Romeo!” Student Council Advisor Holly Anderson said.

Charity week wraps up this Friday, capping off with a Pep Rally during fifth and sixth hours. Keep contributing so Romeo can make Natalie and Jamir’s dreams come true!


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