Mackenzie Easlick ‘17- Thanks to the generous donations of both Herff Jones and the Romeo Kiwanis Club, Challenge Day returns this year. Due to budget cuts, the popular one-day event was facing extinction from RHS. Herff Jones, the yearbook publishing company, donated $5,000 solely to keep the program active. The Romeo Kiwanis Club, known for their fundraising prowess, raised $4,500 for the same reason.

Challenge Day, a program created to eradicate bullying and self-hatred within schools across the country, is regarded highly throughout RHS. Spreading the belief that school should be a safe place for all students, highly-trained and passionate leaders travel from the San Francisco Bay area to help 100 students and 25 adults see from their perspective.

“I think it’s very cool, because challenge day was something that affected everyone involved and knowing that effect can continue on to other people and affect other’s lives is great,” Alyssa Strunk ‘17 said. Strunk was a part of last year’s Challenge Day.

With the school year progressing, Romeo’s students and staff await this year’s Challenge Day with great anticipation. Students who haven’t experienced it now have another chance, and gratitude is wildly apparent.

“I think the donation is great, because it’s a good opportunity for the upcoming generations, and because more of the kids coming up in the next few years aren’t as empathetic because the internet has desensitized them,” Viktorija Janevski ‘18 said. “Challenge day would be a good thing for them because it’ll open them up to be sensitized to others.”

Those students who have not participated in Challenge Day are extraordinarily thankful towards both Herff Jones and the Romeo Kiwanis Club, for making the life-changing event possible. Romeo’s students have another year to learn to put aside their differences, and change their mindsets on those different than themselves.

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