Sarah Spuz ‘17: On December 14th, the Challenge Day program returned to Romeo High School. Usually a two day event, Challenge Day got shortened to one day due to the snow day on Monday. The second day will be rescheduled at a later point. Due to the snow day on Monday, the program ran into some complications. The first hour of the six and a half hour event was dedicated to organizing the leaders of the challenge day event.

“The first hour of Challenge Day was just us waiting for the program to get organized because of the snow day on Monday,”  Laura Catron ‘17 said.


After taking care of the technical difficulties, the event officially began. The group of students who volunteered to take part started off by playing ice breaker games to introduce themselves and get to know their peers.


“We went around and we had to find someone and stand back to back and dance with them,” Ryan Medley ‘17 said. “Then we did a game and competed to see who could get the most hugs.”


Everyone who participated was “challenged” in several ways. Some being challenged during the group games and exercises, to interact with people they have never talked to before, others being challenged by expressing their emotions.


“When I went to Challenge Day, my biggest problem was actually expressing how I was feeling about situations and my life because I usually don’t do those sort of things with strangers.” Kade Messner ‘17 said. “With that being said, I do think it was a good experience because it got me more comfortable with doing that.


Being a main purpose of Challenge Day, students and teachers got the chance to listen to what was truly going on in students’ lives. Providing support to their peers, students and staff provided support emotionally and physically by listening and connecting with each others problems, good or bad.


“My experience at Challenge Day was great,” Sam Comaty ‘17 said. “I was a leader this year and it’s so nice seeing everyone come together and have each others’ backs, even if it’s just for one day.”


Changing and impacting lives everyday, the Challenge Day program plans to come back and affect other lives positively in January (Date: TBD) after this winter break.

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