Jenna Knepper ‘21: 14 year old, Chad Gilbert ‘22, plans to graduate a year ahead of schedule by taking advantage of Romeo High School’s vast opportunities. When choosing his freshman courses during eighth grade, Chad decided to test his limits and take as many advanced courses as possible.

Gilbert spends his day taking five sophomore level classes, which sets him a year ahead of the rest of his class members as he looks to graduate high school a year early.

“This year, I am taking Honors Chemistry, Honors Algebra 2, English 10, Spanish 3, and AP World History. These classes are challenging but I just wanted to be as advanced as I could to get as many college credits as I can during High School” said Gilbert.

For Chad, having a positive mindset and always giving your best effort gives him the strength to keep trying and to reach all of his goals.

“I always try my best in class so I can get my work done and have more free time. I would tell any eighth graders coming to the high school next year to just work as hard as you can and don’t be lazy,” Gilbert said. “It will pay off in the end.”

Chad looks to the future as he plans to go into some sort of engineering major at Oakland University after he graduates.

With only one month left of his sophomore year, Chad finishes his last years of high school a year ahead of schedule and continues to work hard to accomplish his future goals.

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