Haley Golembiewski ‘20: On Friday morning, March 2, around 8:30 a.m., a 19 year old freshman at Central Michigan University shot and killed both of his parents. The shooter, James David Jr. murdered his mom, Diva Davis, and dad, James David Sr., in a dorm room when they came to pick him up and help him move out for Spring Break. According to The Detroit News, earlier that morning they picked him up from the hospital where he was being observed due to “erratic behavior” noticed by the police. The gun David used belonged to his father who was a part-time police officer.

The police have not yet found an official motive.

After David shot his parents he went on the run, trying to get away. All the while, CMU was on lockdown. The police went on a manhunt and finally tracked him down early the next morning along railroad tracks near CMU. They arrested David nearly 15 hours after the shooting and took him to a hospital due to being found hypothermic. He stayed at the hospital for five days where he was charged with the murders of his parents. On March 7, Davis was transferred from the hospital to the Isabella County Jail.

Davis is being charged with two accounts of murder and firearm felony and faces a 1.25 million dollar bond.







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