Cheyenne Kennard ‘15 – With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, many are turning their attention towards their relationship. Flowers will be bought, chocolate will be consumed, and time will be spent snuggled up with a loved one.

That is, if you’re into that sort of thing. Although single people have complained for years about not having someone to share their affection with and “forever alone” is a familiar mantra, there are some that claim to enjoy the single life and can provide many good reasons for savoring it.

Pros of Being Single

Valentine’s Day is about love, and although romantic love between two people is often the center of the holiday, love for yourself counts too.

Being single allows you to spend more time caring about yourself, your goals, your hobbies, and even your grades in school.

“I choose to be single because if I weren’t I’d have less time to do homework,” Dominique Kennard ‘17 said.

Not being tied down can give you more time to strengthen your friendships and relationships with family members. Your friends and family affect you the most on a daily basis, and good relationships with these people has the ability to transform you into a better person.

Saving money is another reason to enjoy being single. Although movie tickets and Christmas gifts may not seem like much, it adds up fast.

“My girlfriend means a lot to me but going on dates all the time costs a lot,” Collin Nierhaus ‘15 said. “I spend around $150 [on my girlfriend] a year.”

Cons of being single

Despite the time, effort, and money often required for a successful relationship, many believe their significant other is worth the effort.

“I like being in a relationship because I get to be with the person I like,” Liam Turgeon ‘16 said. “Also, I can do things that aren’t fun alone.”

A romantic partner can be both a confidant and a friend; someone to get support from and make memories with. Nothing quite compares to the butterflies felt on a first date or the magic of a first kiss.

Knowing these things can make a single person feel lonely, and it’s not uncommon to long for a hand to hold or someone to talk to in their free time.

Being in a relationship can often make the participants feel more confident and attractive; hearing “I love you,” every day is great for self-esteem.

Even if you take pride in your independence and the dating world holds no appeal for you, it is still possible to enjoy February 14th.

Love is a beautiful thing, whether it’s the bond shared between family members, friends, lovers, or even between you and your favorite snack food. Besides, the opportunity to binge on chocolate is practically enough reason to celebrate.

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