Justin McNulty ‘20: Marvel fulfilled the anticipation of their newest edition to their superhero line of movies, on March 8, when it released the movie Captain Marvel, staring actress Brie Larson

The movie ended up producing a $760 million profit and became the most watched movie worldwide on its opening weekend.

Captain Marvel follows the life of Carol Danvers who starts as an United States Air Force Pilot and eventually becomes the most powerful superhero in the universe.

Throughout the film, Danvers travels from planet to planet in order to make right the intergalactic space war between the Kress and the Skrulls.

Earlier in Danvers life, she was test flying the next generation of aircraft capable of safely navigating through outer space, where she crashed on a planet overtaken by the Kree.

This crash, allowed Danvers to acquire her powers as she lived with the Kree before returning to Planet C-53 or more commonly known as Earth.

Here, her journey encountered Talos, leader of the Skrulls.

Danvers decides to throw a curveball and betray the Kree with the help the of Skrulls and S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents.

To find out whether or not Danver’s decisions payed off make sure to check out Captain Marvel in a theatre near you.

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