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After two long district competitions, the Byting Bulldogs climbed their way up to the Michigan FRC State Championship, where they faced off with the top 64 times in the state.

“I felt confident going into the competition. I knew we would perform well, but I also knew there was high competition of good teams here and for us to do as well as we did was great,” Mr. Gardner, the team’s coach, said.

The Byting Bulldogs made their first appearance in match five, winning by a long shot with a score of 191 to 161, starting the day off well, but some matches left something to be desired.

“One of the things I didn’t like about state’s was that we didn’t always get the best alliance partners and also the foul points caused us to lose matches,” Cameron Geldhof said.

Despite some discouraging losses, the team pulled through, earning 15th place in the qualifying matches with a win/loss record of 7-5. When picking alliances, the Byting Bulldogs were the first pick of the sixth seated team, 1023 “Bedford Express.” The second was team 573 “Mech Warriors,” who the team was aligned with in the Waterford Competition elimination round. In the quarter finals, the alliance was set to take on team 27’s, “Team RUSH”’s, alliance which had teams 33, “Killer Bees,” and 314, “The Megatron Oracles.” For the first match, the team lost 185 to 243.  For the second match, after an aggressive interaction between their robot and team 33’s, the Byting Bulldogs robot tipped over. With the robot stuck on the ground for the duration of the match, the team lost with a score of 145 to 222.

With their performance at the State Championship, the Byting Bulldogs qualified for the International Competition held in St. Louis, MO. The team looks to improve upon their last performance so they can end the season on a high note.

“For the world championships we’re looking at improving our hot goal detection for our two ball auton, that’s an immediate improvement,” Gardner said.

For those unfamiliar with the game, during the ten second autonomous, or “auton,” period, one of two sides of the goal will light up for five seconds, followed by the other. This is called the hot goal and a team is awarded ten points for each ball that goes into it — a huge advantage.

The Byting Bulldogs are currently in St. Louis, competing in the International Competition. Good Luck, Club 3539!


On April 4th and 5th the Byting Bulldogs tackled their second district competition after only a weeks rest. They started the day off well, winning their first match by a landslide with a score of 172 to 27. One of the top teams on the field, the Bulldogs placed second in the qualifying matches. When it came time to pick alliances, the team was picked right away by the first seeded team, team 2137 “the Enginerds”. They accepted and were later joined by team 3302 “Turbo Trojans.” The alliance swept through the competition, defeating teams up to the finals where they faced their last competitor. The opposing alliance was composed of teams 33, “Killer Bees,” 5139, “Nellis Eagles,” and 910, “The Foley Freeze.” The deciding match was close with a score of 182 to 185, but in the end the Byting Bulldogs lost. Despite this one defeat, the team earned it’s way to the FRC State Championship.

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