Amanda LeBlanc ‘21: As COVID-19 expands across the globe, people everywhere try to find different ways to fight back against the spread of the virus. Masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers run short as these help to prevent people from getting sick. Countless plants close to temporarily make more of these products to help people.

The Byting Bulldogs, Romeo High School’s robotics team, creates a way to make more masks to protect essential workers from the virus. By using their 3D Printers, Team 3539 adapted different designs to produce the best product for those on the front line. 

“Romeo High School Senior Cameron Coesens and Byting Bulldog mentor Aaron King came up with the new and improved design,” Mr. Savage, Byting Bulldogs Coach, said. “We have about 75 printers going in our group including students and mentors from Oxford, Utica, Rochester, Grosse Pointe, and Almont.”

One mask takes about an hour to make, but with both teachers and students working together, the process goes by much quicker. Communities all over responded to Team 3539 and their work by following in their footsteps to make even more masks for people. The Byting Bulldogs work with others to produce these shields, made from plastic and a 3D printing software.

“We use a 3D printer called Ender-3 Pro. We also use a Premium PLA 3D printing filament for the base of our masks,” Trinity Thao ‘23 said.

Romeo receives recognition from news stations such as Channel 4 and other broadcasts all over the country. Even John Krasinski, a famous American actor, acknowledged their work on his “Some Good News” web series.

“Doing this gives me a chance to help out my community in a new way, and make me feel honored because people are recognizing what we are doing,” Owen Pioch ‘22, said.

As of Sunday, April 19th, The Byting Bulldogs and countless members of the community already shipped out over 5,000 masks to help healthcare workers. After achieving that, they set a new goal to reach: a total of 10,000 masks. With other communities and states joining in on the help, it goes to show that the Byting Bulldogs surely made an impact during these hard times.

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