Myers ’22 and Szlaga ’22: The Romeo High School student body creates a big family, and becoming a freshman starts the wonderful journey. Going from middle school to high school creates a big change. The class of 2025 states their commitments going into freshman year. 

Making commitments to your school and yourself plays a big part in high school. If students come into the new school year showing no confidence and seeming unprepared, it shows within their work and grades. Making commitments early on creates huge opportunities for students.

Ronald LeBlanc, history teacher at the ninth grade academy, expressed his thoughts about his students preparing for commitment. LeBlanc hopes to spread the information to freshmen that commitment makes dreams and goals achievable.

“They should be, you need to be committed to yourself, your community, and your feelings. If students allow themselves to learn properly they will succeed this school year. Most students don’t realize how important self recognition is in education until it is too late” LeBlanc said.

Teachers play a very important role in freshman commitment. Allowing yourself to be open to teachers’ help sets you up on a great path to meet your goals and achievements. The ninth grade academy provides students with the opportunity to have that support.

Cameron Mangov ‘25 expressed his strong feelings about success and commitment when it comes to school.

“High School is what makes your future, if done wrong you are setting yourself up for failure. Trying your absolute best contributes to getting into better universities with scholarships and future career opportunities. Good grades and strong effort leads to innovation” said Mangov.

Freshman commitment changed drastically throughout the years at Romeo High School. Students believe being in the new ninth grade academy gives them an advantage at making stronger willpower to succeed and keep trying throughout the rest of their high school experience.

Olivia Skomski ‘25, an honor student at the ninth grade academy stated many reasons why she believes that commitment helps her strive for a better future.

“High school is a large building block into your future including the actions you make outside of school. I want to be able to be successful and have a good future. These next four years have a huge influence on the rest of my life. Taking harder classes will help me get ahead and advance into college course credits” said Skomski.

Great to see the devotion towards success within these new freshmen. With these kinds of attitudes, success falls into the right place. Students know that success comes from committing each and everyday towards school, yourself, and others.

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