Austin Taseski ‘21: The Bulldogs faced off against the undefeated Chippewa Big Reds on Friday, October 18th. The Big Reds were playing for those affected by cancer, and the Bulldogs wore purple socks to support their cause.

On their first drive of the game, the Bulldogs moved the ball down the field, scoring the first points of the game. Ryan Czapski ‘20 scored the touchdown with a run from inside the 10, giving the Bulldogs a 7-0 lead.

Soon after, the Big Reds responded with a run of 53 yards to the endzone, tying the game up 7-7.

A mishap on special teams allowed the Big Reds to maintain possession, just after the defense forced them into a three and out. Nick Mclea ‘20 salvaged the drive, picking off the Chippewa quarterback to give the ball back to the offense. 

Again and again, both defenses held their ground, but eventually the Big Reds broke through, capitalizing with a pass into the endzone, giving Chippewa a 14-7 lead.

The Bulldogs bounced right back, punching in their second rushing touchdown of the game, as they drove the ball down the field. Fabrizio Raciti ‘21 scored, tying the game going into halftime. That was his fifth touchdown of the year.

Both teams, after half, played outstanding defense and the third quarter was scoreless.

As the clock wound down in the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs managed to get in field goal range. Gjon Djurasevic ‘21 booted one through the uprights, giving the Bulldogs a 17-14 lead with eight minutes remaining.

Right after the field goal, the Bulldogs kicked off to the Big Reds, which they returned for a touchdown. This gave the Big Reds a 21-17 lead with not much time remaining for the Bulldogs. 

Mclea continued his dominant game with another big play. The very next play after Bulldog offense coughed up the ball he made a great hit on Chippewa’s running back, jarring the ball loose. Justin McNulty ‘20 came up with it to give the Bulldogs another shot. 

They fought hard, but could not come up with points to give them the lead.

 “Well I think we just need to work on perfecting our craft and the basics, as far as what I can do is just work on just the mental aspect of it all and my punting to help out the defense. For Grosse Pointe South we just need to get this loss to motivate us and knock us back to reality. We just have to practice perfect everyday because they are very good, also not get distracted by all the homecoming things going on,” Djurasevic said.

The final score remained 21-17. The Bulldogs will face the Grosse Pointe South Blue Devils on Friday, October 25th, for their homecoming game.

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