Ryan Nawrocki ‘18: The Bulldogs dominated the Warren Mott Marauders last Friday for their homecoming game. They took an early 12-0 lead and dominated the stat sheet. The rainy weather and missed calls affected Mott, scoring 13 unanswered points. Directly after that, Romeo went into lockdown mode, allowing minimal yardage. On the offensive side, the boys went up and down the field, scoring at will. The final was 34-13.

“It was a really important game and I felt that the team really came together and supported each other,” Ronnie Wood ‘18 said. “We really saw how good of a team we are when we play our best.”

The win puts the team at five wins which is a crucial mark. With two regular season games left, they only need one more to secure a playoff spot. Even if they lost both games, they would most likely squeeze into the playoffs. Romeo will host the Dakota Cougars at home on October 13 at 7 pm. The game is very important for playoff points which could grant the Bulldogs a home playoff game.

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