Paul Hurley 16′ – Despite playing one of their best games of the season, the Bulldogs lose a tough game against a top ranked Dakota football team. Friday night provided an atmosphere ripe with the excitement of a division rivalry, which did not disappoint as the score board flipped back and forth as much as the inclement weather.

Just 6 plays in the excitement began, as a ball deflects off of Lucas Schimon ‘16, landing right in a Dakota receivers hands in the end zone.

Two possessions in Romeo faced a 14-0 deficit. However, the momentum soon shifted in favor of the Bulldogs, as they drove down the field with two straight possessions, culminating with two rushing touchdowns from quarterback, Paul Hurley ‘16. A missed extra point resulted in a 13-14 score with only a few minutes left in the half.

“Even with it ending in a tough loss. I believe that an impressive game against a great defensive will build confidence for Paul coming into the end of the season.” Josh Bilski, ‘16, said.

Intercepting a screen pass, senior Brendan Salva gave his team a chance to take the lead before halftime. After moving down to the 5 yard line, a deflected pass attempt in the end zone is intercepted, and the chance to score is eliminated.

When ‘15 Brendan Salva was asked about the interception, “It was exhilarating. I can honestly say that, getting a pick against Dakota, is my favorite moment of high school football.”

Motivated by their coaches, the Bulldogs came out of halftime red hot. Dominating the field with a 5 play, 2 minute touchdown drive, which gave the Bulldogs a 19-14 lead.

The Bulldogs momentum wasn’t enough to hold off the 6th ranked Cougars. Giving up two time consuming drives, which resulted Dakotas two rushing touchdowns. Converting multiple 3rd downs on these drives led to be the deciding factor in the game.

“At the end of the day, we just didn’t make enough plays to win the game. We were just short of pulling the upset,” Salva added.

The Bulldogs fall short suffering a 28-19 loss. However, they will not dwell on the loss, as they face the 5-1, Mac White rival Port Huron this Friday, at Port Huron.

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