Charlie Wilson ’20: Romeo Cross Country competed in their third race of the season, Saturday morning in Jackson, Michigan, on the 16th. Over 60 teams attended the invite, including some of the best teams in the state– Clarkston, Dexter and Ann Arbor Skyline. Despite Jackson’s reputation as a hilly and gruelling course and a quick turn-around from a Jamboree the previous Tuesday, Romeo athletes from the men’s and women’s teams lined up  the the start line ready to compete.

On the men’s side, the team finished first with 107 points, nearly surpassing Clarkston of 118 points. Jack Wilson ‘20 finished the 5000m course in 16:07, picking up a huge 11th place finish.  Additionally, Charlie Wilson ‘20, securing vital points for Romeo with an 18th place finish in 16:26. Close behind, Zander Cobb ‘21 finished in 24th place in 16:36, followed by Luke Schwartz of 26th place in 16:37. Sophomore Jack Kelke ‘22 also performed well, clinching Romeo’s win with a 28th place finish in 16:38. Other Romeo runners of the meet include Johnothan Craun ‘20–38th place in 16:55, Joey Rinke ‘21–46th place in 17:01, Owen Sharnas ‘22–48th place in 17:03, Jack Wallace ‘22–58th place in 17:14, Nicholas Fringer ‘21–62nd in 17:16, Cameron Williams ‘20–96th place in 17:41, Michael Merrit–131st place in 18:07, James Seefried ‘20–183rd place in 18:45, and Andrew Pries ’21–188th place in 18:49.

On the women’s side, the team finished 9th overall with 248 points. Leading the women, Sarah Greb ‘22 finished the 5000m course 29th in 20:04. Next, Barret Schettler ‘20 of 46th place in 20:34, followed by Rachel Felstow ‘22 of 49th place in 20:37. Also scoring points for Romeo, Sydney Goodrich ‘20 finished 57th in 20:50 and Sydney Wilkie ‘21 finished 77th in 21:17. Other Romeo runners of the meet include Sarah Ross ‘22–78th place in 21:17, Amanda Felstow ‘22–82nd place in 21:21, Emily Felstow ‘22–138th place in 22:49, and Ava Hall ‘21–158th place in 23:28.

With this performance, the men’s team now ranks 2nd in the state, behind only Brighton, but that’s not enough for Coach Buslepp and his athletes, as Romeo continues their dominance all the way to a state championship. 

“We have bigger plans ahead, but I’m proud of how gritty both of our teams ran today. They truly showed the state what they’re capable of,” Busslepp said.

Romeo now takes a  break before they compete again in country meet on October 5th.

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