Mikela Gorski ‘15 – Recently, Romeo Community Schools’ American Sign Language teacher, Brittany Adams, was featured on Channel 7 News. This opportunity was the result of Adams creating and posting YouTube videos of her signing to popular songs. Her videos quickly went viral, reaching thousands of views. Using these videos to enlighten her students on the intricacies of signing, Adams hopes to bloom enthusiasm in her students and inspire them to further enjoy learning about this visual form of communication.

“This video’s purpose was to educate students about how fun this language and culture can be, as well as to be excited about learning,” Adams said.

The Channel 7 interview brought both positive and negative feedback. After the video obtained popularity as a result of the interview, some members of the deaf community and a few fellow educators became concerned about some of her sign choices, expressing how impactful the use of incorrect ASL concepts can be. Many critical of the video believe that Adams used the wrong signs for certain words in her video.

“I asked many people about sign choices but I wanted to put my own spin on sign choices, poetry choices, and excitement about teaching and learning. I also decided on sign choices based off Taylor Swift’s original music video. Not every person “shakes it off” in a shrugging attitude, some people dance (like myself),” Adams said.

Regardless of any criticisms her videos have received, Adams’ currently continues to instruct ASL students in the Romeo district. She may continue to post videos to YouTube, not allowing the negative comments to affect her.

Check out Brittany Adams’ video here:



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