Azja Stroud ‘16 – This October is full of complete anticipation for the big day to finally arrive; Homecoming. The chilly month isn’t just full of cider mill dates and Tilson street walks, but rather, finding the perfect dress and matching date. Homecoming quickly approaches for Romeo High, and with our neighboring schools already experiencing their magical night, the excitement only intensifies. The hardest part isn’t finding a date, but finding the dress.

With such a late homecoming it seems that the ladies are straying away from the shorter length fuchsia type colors. Typically, girls tend to save the long dresses for prom, but this year with homecoming being so late, girls are bending the rules. A dress that just skims the floorboards is to be expected.

“This year I have a long black dress,” Hannah Haupt ‘17 said. The usual short dresses and bright based colors worn during homecoming season are being swapped out for end spectrum colors; from forest green to black. It doesn’t stop there, pastels are also up and coming. Elegant dresses are popping up in mints, robin egg blues and delicate lavenders. Not too many bright pinks, primary reds or fluorescent blues will be seen dancing the night away on the 25th.

But of course it doesn’t stop with dresses, guys are also conflicted when it comes to how to match their date in the best way.

“I think the guys look nicer without the vest, but instead just coordinating their tie. It’s just classier somehow,” Haupt said.

Female students agree that vests are out for this season, and solid colored button downs with a tie matching their date are in; the guys are quick to agree.

“My girlfriend’s dress is blue, so I plan on just wearing a black shirt and blue tie.” Spencer Havern ‘15 said. “Wearing a blue shirt would be way too much, I think just having a nice tie will be enough.”

The big night is just around the corner. Final outfit prep is put into play, and all that is left is the anticipation for the memorial night to finally arrive.


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