Abigail Keller ‘16 – Jittering in class, drumline section leader, Brett Binkowski ‘16, finds himself easily distracted by the music constantly playing in his head. No matter where he may be, the rhythm follows Binkowski everywhere.

“I think of rhythms and cadences in my head all the time,” Binkowski said.

Joining drumline his sophomore year, this is Binkowski’s first and final year as drumline section leader. Being in band all three years at Romeo Middle School, he didn’t think he was ready to be apart of the High school band until his second year.

“I thought I was ready for it and joining sophomore year was just the normal thing people did,” Binkowski said.

Wanting to make drumline a positive experience for all, Binkowski successfully balances seriousness and humor during practices. Often working closely with people who appear to be having trouble, he uses positive reinforcement in order for drummers to never become discouraged.

“When drumline becomes a negative experience for someone, they won’t want to participate full heartedly and their quality will go down,” Binkowski said. “That’s why my weirdness helps: they find it humorous and enjoyable.”

6:30 pm on a Friday night comes along, the Romeo High School band leads the fans into Barnabo field. Drum attached to chest, drumsticks in hand, and head focused on the beat, Binkowski is ready to woo the crowd with his drum section following his lead. Often using humor to encourage the other drummers, Binkowski pumps up the rest of his section before they take the field for halftime. Taking much pride in the drumline performance and his leadership, Binkowski is overjoyed at the end of a song and is proud of all the effort and hardwork his line put in.

“I’ve scheduled more drumline practices than the past two section leaders combined,” Binkowski said. “The key, though, is the line has been willing to put that extra time in not because they had to, but because they wanted to.”

Taking his position very seriously, Binkowski continues to lead his drum line to success.

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