Yesterday October 27th, Channel 7 local news presented a feature report addressing the parental opposition of Romeo’s 90/10 grading policy. The report summarized a petition, to recall the current 90/10 grading policy, initiated by parents, Karen Proia and Gina Ventimiglia early last week.

Channel 7 addressed the fact that 90/10 affects the high school, but failed to mention both Romeo and Powell middle schools, who also follow the policy.

Superintendent Eric Whitney reiterated to Channel 7 news the rationale for the policy, and provided clarity on the policy itself.

Assistant Principal James Ellis, who supports the district policy, shared his thoughts on news coverage of the situation.

“I think the news is treating it like it is, a news story. There are parents in the community with concerns about the policy and have addressed it in a public form. I think the news has the right to start the dialogue for that,” Ellis said. 

For more information and Channel 7’s coverage, click the link below.


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