Brookelynn Tremblay ‘17- As of April 13th 2016, Romeo High School discovered high levels of copper in the water, between 1700 to 2200 micrograms per liter (about 400 micrograms above the accepted level). It is being advised that students avoid drinking the water due to potential health risks that may concur like stomach cramps, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea according to the Minnesota Department of Health.

Hall monitors will be handing out bottled water throughout the day until the issue is resolved. Culligan water filters have also been purchased and placed in each hallway. There are many mixed opinions on how the situation should be handled, some feel that the water filters and jugs of water are enough, while others think further action should be taken.

“I don’t think the school should be open when this is going on. I know they are buying water bottles, but what are the cooks in the cafeteria going to do? Who knows,” hall monitor Mr. Craig said.
Lunch is being made with bottled water, so students are safe to eat food bought from the cafeteria, but cautious action should be taken to ensure no water from high school pipes is being ingested until advised otherwise.

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