Cavataio ’23: “Brandon Barham…..hmm….he is about smarter than me in everything except German of course,” German teacher Frau Page said. Honored at this year’s Macomb All-Academic Banquet, Romeo High School’s very own Class of 2022 Valedictorian Brandon Barham also got selected as one of the members of the Macomb County Dream Team, which consists of the top twenty students in Macomb County. Nothing short of a perfect student, with a grade point average of 4.149 and taking a plethora of AP classes, Barham plans to attend The University of Michigan to major in Computer Science. 

 “It was really nice to have some sort of recognition for all the hard work that I put into school and see it all pay off,” Barham said. Four years of countless hours of work and studying paid off for Barham in the long run, with him achieving this prestigious honor and selection choice for The Dream Team. The recognition this banquet gave Barham and the other scholars at the event something that remains a special place in their hearts. A moment for each and every student there to remember for the rest of their lives. 

“The culture of the school and a lot of the students are welcoming and the teachers are amazing. I don’t think I have had a single bad teacher. I like the academies we have and I get a different perspective about future careers. The teaching styles are great and the formulas are a lot more open and personable,” Barham said.  Brandon also credits his success not only to himself but the school as a whole. He states that the academies at Romeo High School allowed him to dive head first into his passions and interests. Barham truly believes that Romeo’s academies and block schedule separates academics at RHS from other schools present at the banquet. Barham also gives credit to teachers like Mr. Lamb and Frau Page who constantly make learning interesting and engaging for him each and every day. 

The responsibilities and work put into the role of Valedictorian does not come easy, but Barham states that the secret sauce to succeeding well in school is, “Time management and just enjoying your time.” Above all, one thing Brandon wants to leave behind is his legacy, stating that if a person wants to suceed they need to be motivated, time disciplined, and have a passion to succeed. 


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